Day 197: “Your Children Are not Your Children. …” from The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

This quotation “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself” fed me and puzzled me at age 17 when I first read The Prophet.

As a teenager I felt a longing for a fuller life and didn’t know how to accomplish that. I also felt that Northern Indiana was not my “real” home and I certainly had no clue where my “real” home might be. My parents often felt like foreigners to me and certainly did not share similar thoughts and longings that I was afraid to express. Dear Readers, sharing this now is the first time in my life that I believe I have said this so clearly. Certainly I explored this in psycho-therapy in my 20’s. Thank goodness for this daily blogging, I’m learning a great deal.  

In my ignorance this quotation is still a puzzlement to me. Gibran offered many thoughts, imaginings, and much hopefulness to me as a teenage reader.  Sixty years later his wise writing still offers hopefulness and wonder-ings to my mind and spirit.

Who inspired you to find your emotional and spiritual home?

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