Day 199: I Questioned: Does the Earth Consider Me and Does the Wind Long to Play with My Hair as Khalil Gibran States?

Sixty years ago the following quote by Khalil Gibran puzzled me. In retrospect I believe it began to stir ancient memories of shamanism:

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”  ― Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

As a youth living on a farm, the wind in my hair and bare feet on the earth were a daily and beloved experience from May through October. My shoes and socks were off the minute I came home from school, church or town where being bare foot was not allowed. I spent hours outside sitting in a tree, or sprawled on the lawn, or on the swing on the screened in front porch, or on a tractor helping my father with farm work or riding my bike.

However when I read this at seventeen, I would never have thought to personify the earth or the winds. This passage from Gibran was a strange and romantic concept to me. This would have been very “weird talk” among the Northern Indiana farmers that I knew.

As I have grown older and hopefully wiser just as most of the native peoples of the earth do– I think of the elements as having personalities who enjoy my interaction. And that doesn’t happen often enough. I need to spend two hours in nature each day as Edgar Cayce suggested communing with the elements:  The Lord of the Wind, The Lord of Fire, Mother Earth and Mara of the Sea and Water.

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