Days 231-246 will be posted later.

I need a break!

Since starting this blog explaining the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways that I’ve chosen to stay young and fit, I do almost always feel 45 years of age rather than 78. Although I laugh that I look 10 years older than when I began the blog the first weeks of January. Part of looking older may be my demand on myself to post daily. Part of suddenly looking older is due to my DNA. My father and I looked 50 until age 65. We looked 60 until age 77. He started to look 80 at 78 and I am currently looking my age. Although my vitality and thoughts on life most people consider younger than that.

I’ll post days 231-246 starting early September. Until then, I’m having a break and possibly you might want to reread some earlier posts or enjoy the break also.

Wishing you as always peace, joy, truth, harmony, beauty, love and enlightenment, Ruthann Pippenger

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