For “Day 232”: Affirming Perfect Surgery, Perfect Dentistry, etc. with Confidence

Most seniors start facing several types of surgeries as they hit the 70’s. I can attribute my perfectly level hips and legs after two hip replacements and my 20/25 vision after cataract surgery to “perfect surgeons and doctors”. Now, I am religious/spiritual/or a believer. Personally I think you can work and expect perfect surgery and perfect dentistry, etc. without being “a believer” in some greater Beingness.

In a recent conversation with a worry-wart who was facing cataract surgeries, I explained my practice and then realized it was worth blogging about.

When I face surgery, I affirm that I am receiving perfect care, perfect surgery all the way up to the medical professionals knocking me out with anesthesia. I affirm it as a mantra in several ways:  “Only perfect surgery can happen here.”  “I am receiving perfect surgery.” “Perfection in surgery will happen/is happening.”  

Now because I am a believer and because I know I have a Higher Self that oversees this life and seems to like the times I involve Her (Freud’s “Super Ego”—New Age “The Big I”—Psychology’s—“Super-Consciousness”). So, I affirm that my Higher Self and the Higher Selves of the doctors and nurses attending me are also present and controlling the work so that ONLY PERFECT SURGERY CAN HAPPEN. And, of course, I give thanks during this process of affirmations.  “Thank you that perfect surgery is happening.”

So far it has always worked. I expect it to work if and when I face any future dentistry or medical procedures. This process gives me confidence and a sense of calmness and assurance as I face the “knife”.

Hoping this is helpful as you face any medical procedure at any age.

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