For Day 233: Swing Your Legs to Maintain Flexibility

Catching up slowly from not posting on vacation.

This is a repeat I know: One of the pitfalls of dealing with aging is becoming inactive and inflexible. Now, I’ve seen some 15, 25, and 35 year olds that I thought were inflexible and rigid. As we stay physically flexible, we can maintain a mental and emotional flexibility—and needless to say, a spiritual flexibility. Any and all abilities to maintain flexibility as we age is a benefit for maintaining freedom.

I was reminded of this again while seeing children cooped up on a long train ride from Toronto to Jasper, Canada. They moved.  They swayed. They ran-walked often from car to car.  They sat on anything elevated that they could find so they had room to swing criss-crossing their legs. Kids swing their legs often when feeling cooped up.  Those of us over 10 can swing our legs also.  Even sitting in a recliner, we can flex our legs back and forth to get the “juices” running in our legs. I often swing my arms back and forth and my waist from side to side to keep limber and flexible in body, mind and spirit.

Remember to keep moving. Obviously that is why so many young people are jogging, biking and rowing before or after being stuck in offices all day. They may or may not know that moving keeps us flexible not only in body and also in mind and spirit.

Wishing you flexibility and new places to swing your legs.

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