For Day 234: Nothing Really Matters—& for Day 235: Yet Act As If It Does!

Catching up for Days 234 and 235 I missed posting while on vacation. 

This brief quotation from one of my spiritual teachers is worth much thought.

The first section—“Nothing Really Matters” is easily worth more than a day or a month of contemplation–possibly a lifetime. In Buddhism and Hinduism there is the “knowledge” that all reality and all of our life is illusion. I accept that the sages of English/Jewish/Christian mysticism and the lamas and gurus of Buddhist/Hindu/Sikh spiritual studies comprehend and experience more subtleties than I do. In this form this phrase could be categorized as English Mysticism.

I worked with these two phrases in the title during my middle 30’s and if often “blew my mind”. Now, I don’t want to argue for or against that thought. In subtle ways working with this phrase gave me a will to live a long and happy “illusion”.

So, even as I’m living my lifetime—I do believe that this is my illusion/my theater that I’m playing out with others who are involved in my drama. As a past life therapist, I have on many occasions been aware that illusionary realities exist simultaneously. As I carry on my theater of this lifetime—I always want to be learning and moving toward enlightenment.  Granted I’m moving at a slow speed.

Now, the second section—“Yet, Act As If It Does (Matter)!” helps us hang onto what we perceive as reality. Acting as if life matters keeps us involved in our current story and activities. Here we need to stay involved in the drama acting as if the lessons and activities of our lifetime matter. With our involvement we can keep a detachment yet stay involved to grow and develop understanding and wisdom. We can learn the complexities of this life on Planet Earth, our Mother Gaia and Her challenging duality.

I’m guessing that when we overcome the dualities and reach wholeness and meld into Universal Oneness we truly experience that “nothing really matters”. However, I’m spending much of my time learning objectivity and compassion.

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