For Day 236: Feel Youthful by Going Barefoot

Children love to go barefoot for good reasons. I love to go barefoot for many reasons. Here are 2 of my reasons:

  1. Going barefoot gives me a feeling of freedom. Shoes and even socks create a feeling of being bound up. Even at 78 years of age, removing my shoes creates a feeling of being age 3 and free. I remove my shoes any chance I get.
  2. I believe that it is easier to absorb earth currents through the sole of the foot than through a leather or rubber sole/barrier.  The earth imparts natural currents of energies for revitalizing the body.

Get over it, if you’re going “Oh, that’s woo woo, Ruthann”

Aboriginals, people of the earth, have always been wise enough to recognize, to follow and even to map natural earth currents. Science will discover this sooner or later. Here is some “woo woo” on the subject: › understanding-the-sedona-vortexes-1652871

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