For Day 238: “I Walk the Line” for Balance

This morning I dreamed about maintaining my balance.  And it seems to be an appropriate theme for several postings here on FREE to be YOUng.

These days with two hip replacements I do not dare to walk on loose rocks on a riverbed as I enjoyed doing for 60 years.   I was tempted several times on my recent vacation in Canada! Nor do I walk along retaining walls any longer. I do hold the hand of my 43 year old daughter as she maintains her youthfulness in that activity or when she walks on curbs.

However, to maintain my balance I do the Feldenkrais exercise of walking a line. I try not to make too much of a spectacle of myself. So, I do it down my condo hallway—one foot in front of another in that model catwalk strut.  If a neighbor appears I stop—however, I am sure the concierge is getting a view of me on the TV monitor. In my own home, I now have many area rugs and I walk those lines where the rugs meet the flooring.

If you choose to do this—remember to walk both ways! Walk forwards and walk backwards to create self-assured balance in your life. You might want to place chair backs along your path for safe keeping.

And please remember, as we are balanced physically we are also more balanced mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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