For Day 239: Create a Bounce to Your Step at Any Age and Maintain Great Balance

At age 65—a new question gets asked at the yearly physical:  “Have you fallen recently?” My General Practitioner has asked this question at every physical for the last 12 years. As I needed hip surgery about a decade ago, I did fall or stumble a few times a year.

Now, with perfectly replaced hip joints and with the following exercise, I can walk with quite good stamina and with greater balance. I do this exercise daily which is practice for preventing tripping and falling:

  1. Stand on one foot (balancing with a hand on a counter or chair back if necessary) and then
    1. Tip tap the toe of the other foot in as many spots around the stable leg as you can –side to side and front to back and all around–and
    1.  Stomp with a flat food around that leg and foot. 
  2. Repeat this process standing on the other leg.

I credit this exercise for being able to skip down stair cases quite confidently, happily and youthfully.

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