Day 243: Expect Good Things to Happen and Don’t Cancel Your Order or Directive

This idea of expecting good things to happen seems to be daunting to some people. I recently spent time with a few people who thought I was missing some brain cells by believing that I can expect and achieve good things happening in my life by just stating that wonders were happening. I expect good things to happen nearly every hour of my life—and they do happen. For me this process is exciting, enlivening, positive, and allows me to know that I’m creating my life with Universal Love and Light (if I can get Flakey-Hippie-Like on you).

My hunch is that when these friends attempted to manifest “good things to happen” in their life that they were also erasing that message with excessive-mini-thoughts of:

“This isn’t possible,” “I don’t deserve it,” “How could miracles happen?” etc.

Once we put an “order into the Universe” or online for that matter—we don’t want to cancel it with interfering data.

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