Day 244: Believe You Have Control Over Outcomes in Your Life

This is a follow up from the message of Day 243.

My daughter Laurie has been saying, “Believe in yourself.” for over two decades. I don’t know if the phrase came from her dream teachers or an earthly teacher/mentor.  I don’t remember ingraining her with that motto. However, it is Divine in nature, especially if you capitalize “Yourself”.

As mentioned in several postings I do believe that we are “the sons and daughters of the Most High”. If that is so, we can’t be of a different species, so we are Child Gods. And–Child Gods definitely have control over the outcomes in their lives.

So daily, it is wise to look at the agenda of the day and decide where, when and how we are going to control the outcomes of our life.

Where are we bringing peace? 

Where are we bringing order?

Where are we bringing joy?

Where are we creating health for self and others?

Where and when are you controlling the outcomes of your life today?

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