For Day 245: Create Longevity by Socializing with Positive People

All the accountings that I have consulted regarding people who are Super-Agers report that they socialize with positive people. People enjoying a rich senior lifestyle are often having simple and joyous encounters with others they consider positive. They don’t have to be on around the world cruises or railroading with friends across Canada.  They can just be greeting a happy grocer at the market or having tea with a respectful neighbor.

Several months ago I joined a friend who had a depressive, brutish relative with her on our outing. I left that engagement thinking, “Oh, thank God, I don’t have people in my life who bully me and bring me down. Thank God, I don’t have to watch anyone else be brought down.”

Now, maybe that is selfish. However, I feel I paid my dues by being a coach and psychotherapist to thousands of people who were dealing with the downers in their life.  Hopefully the tools and techniques I taught, have worked and there is more positive energy in their families and lifestyles.

Who are you socializing with today? I have chosen to teach two nights a week at a Music Store where I get to chat and catch a cup of tea with younger male teachers who are kind, exciting, warm and respectful. My life is filled with women neighbors and friends. And two nights a week I enjoy “rubbing elbows” and exchanging hugs with some great creative men if and when our students don’t show up.

Super-Agers have an active social life even if it is simple and in the neighborhood.

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