For Day 247: “Unwholesome Action, Hurting Self, Comes Easy.” From The Dhammapada. The Path of Truth from the Buddha.

“From Google: The Dhammapada is a Buddhist text that is believed to record the actual words of the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama, better known as the Buddha, lived between 563 and 483 bce. His words were passed along orally until they were written down in about the first century bce.”

“Unwholesome Action, Hurting Self, Comes Easy.” I’ve been reading this phrase many nights during the last few months. It’s So Obvious.

It is so easy to eat those extra French fries, drink another glass of wine, skip the walking and cardio, stay isolated, drop by the donut shop, turn on the television and “veg”, go to bed too late, get sloppy with spending, etc.

Certainly if we want to achieve longevity, this style of unwholesome choices has to be overcome most of the time. Hopefully we have supportive people in our lives who make it easier for us. I wish for each of us to be surrounding by loving friends who do not drag us down the Map of Consciousness.

At different times, I’ve been aware of people around me who live a less than desirable life and who have wanted me to join them. I interpreted it that they wished to drag me down to their level of self-defeating consciousness. I have chosen to walk the other direction and sought those friends who are not self-destructive. Thankfully my friends wish me well and encourage me toward a long and fulfilling life.

May you have family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who build your self-appreciation and encourage you toward a long and fulfilling life.

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