For Day 249: Life Goes Easier When We Learn Our “Lessons” Daily, Changing the System You Are In

What does a spiritual teacher mean when they talk of “lessons?”  For me it is any incident/relationship that is occurring that causes distress and that isn’t immediately resolved with peace and harmony.

So for wisdom’s sake, I think it is important to face each of the tensions in our lives quickly before they escalate.  Now, I know that there are folks in jobs/positions where not every lesson can be handled efficiently for the fear of becoming unemployed.

However I know from personal experience that you can almost always get what you want if you think clearly enough and request/demand what you want as resolution if not to the person in charge on earth—at least, to your Higher Self. It may take a few months and some politicking.

One of the most reassuring ideas I heard was from the research of Swiss college students.  They discovered that when 25% of the population is in one frame of mind, that very quickly the population can shift in its thinking. They had been studying how the energy shifted against the Vietnam War to bring peace to that country.

So, at one position I held, I quietly politicked to see how many people felt like I did that there was inequality and poor practices being done. When we reached 25% of like-minded people wanting fairer practices–there was a complete overhaul of the system. And I didn’t have to do anything. God, Shiva, “the Board”, the Universe managed to create the take down of greed and unfairness and peace prevailed.

It’s the old “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” AND you have to believe and keep being persistent. I surmise too many people give up too easily and think miracles are impossible.

Learning how to challenge lessons and to overcome lessons has made Super-Ageing fun and exciting.

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