For Day 250: Becoming a Different Kind of Person Who Doesn’t Need to “Reap that Karma”

Most children when they are 3 years old punch and bite fellow playmates. The teachers and guardians spend time teaching those tykes to apologize and to learn cooperation.

Hopefully we each learn those preschool lessons and become a person who lives cooperatively with others. Hopefully we become the kind of person who doesn’t “ask to be” or who doesn’t deserve to be punched or beaten.  

That phrase again of “What Goes Around, Comes Around” speaks of building negative karma or building merit or good deeds.

I know this is a repeat and:

It is a wonderful practice to stop at noon and ask: What good deeds have I done today. I now correct any negative deed I have done today.

Then to do the same thing before dinner.

Then to do the same accounting of good and bad karma before bedtime.

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