For Day 251: Changing the Outcome of Dreams of Prognostication

I think I discussed this concept when talking of the last dreams of the morning. Supposedly the last dream/s we have of the night are prognostications. So, if I awaken with a horrible dream, I immediately think:

How I can change to never deserve this outcome?

What must I learn to avoid this consequence?

What can I do this very day to become a person who enjoys creative, beautiful outcomes in her life?

If I’m puzzled then I quickly pray:

Dear God, Please bring this lesson for me to learn in an easier way. May I learn this lesson easily, carefully and quickly to avoid reaping disaster. Thank you. Amen.

Maybe I’m fooling myself with thoughts of impending drama trauma threatened by my sub-conscious self. However, with my formula I generally feel safe and secure and believe I am overcoming and resolving past karma.

Resolving karmic situations easily I’m convinced prolongs life.

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