For Day 252: My Motto Received in a Dream Changed My Karma: “I Am Creating Peace, Joy, Truth, Harmony and Beauty”

In the late 80’s I had a dream where 5 beautiful gift boxes were in the trunk of my car.  I knew they were gifts to be given to my spiritual teacher. For weeks I wondered what was in the boxes.  I never bothered to open them in meditation. However, the image of the boxes sitting in the trunk of my car popped into my head several times a day. I knew my sub-conscious was telling me—the boxes are important gifts.

Finally when I did get “brave” enough to open them in meditation, I discovered each one had a cardboard word written in it. When all 5 of the boxes were opened, I had the words PEACE, JOY, TRUTH, HARMONY, and BEAUTY. Beauty confused me for a long while until I realized it was the quality of refinement of ideal living.

And these words have changed my life—when I purposefully bring these qualities into my life there is little room for conflict, sorrow, lies/distortion, disharmony and ugly situations. When I operate with these qualities, I can bring merit into my life and that makes Super-Aging a treat.

Since the day I opened the boxes I have been using these words in several different ways.

I am creating peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty today.

I am creating peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty every day of my life.

Peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty are mine.

I have shared this motto often with students of Peace Through Understanding through the years.  And I hope this is helpful.  In the next few postings, I will discuss each one of the gifts separately.

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