Of the 5 seeds of my personal motto to sow, the seed of TRUTH has become the most difficult to discern the right time and the right place for sowing. Again the motto is: “I am sowing seeds of peace, joy, truth, harmony and beauty every day of my life.”

Certainly if we are in an “open system” where everyone agrees to be upfront and honest, we are safe in fulfilling this challenge.  However, if we are in a “closed system” or partially “closed system” this is difficult.

In my experience, living in Washington DC and any capitol city makes living in truth difficult. I’ve lived in three capitol cities and Washington DC is the most uptight, secretive one I’ve had “who’s to say if it’s good or bad fortune” to live in. Although when working in Oslo, Norway and in Den Haag, The Netherlands, my groups involved in psycho-spiritual learning did open up and create honest, vibrant groups after much reassurance and prompting.

Through the years I’ve heard about spiritual groups who moved to Washington DC to meditate “to lift the spirit of the city.” Several of these groups have moved out of town within a year because of the tensions. The groups have moved into the neighboring mountains or nearby states because the energy here for truth and openness and spirit is so stifled.

While I lived and worked in open systems I could be FREE and forthcoming with my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and wishes. To me that is a glorious safe feeling and a wonder.

Hopefully this challenge of spreading truth is acceptable in your family, with your friends, with your spiritual group and hopefully even in your work place. If it isn’t, I encourage you to open your system so that the “Truth shall set you (and everyone else around) free!”

We are in challenging times now when dishonesty is rampant. The more peace we can build in truthful systems the better off society will be.

For creating Merit and Good Karma, sowing truth is a wonderful place to take a stand. In how many places and in how many situations are you/did you sow truth today?

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