For Day 260: Self-Mastery for Creating a Long and Fruitful Life and Choosing When and How to Pass Over

Still catching up from vacation: 

Self-mastery has not been easy for me. I am loosey-goosey as I describe myself—many people think of me as a left over hippie from the 70’s—and I do not mind that image unless and until it undermines me in anyway.

The Chapter 8 of the Dhammapada entitled “Thousands” attributed to Siddhartha Gautama talks of self-mastery. As I’m reading it, I find that many of the decisions I’ve made through the years to be a Super-Ager are discussed in this chapter. Those decisions have created an aura around me that has people comment “How do you do it? (Look and seem so young and vital and have so much stamina?). This week’s blogs will address these choices I’ve made through the years.

AND YET as a loosey-goosey I have wanted to live a long, vital existence for my daughter, Laurie.  Many of my readers know her. She is high functioning Down syndrome with a keen sense of design, talent in many areas (cooking, entertaining, weaving, cross-patch sewing and more). Joy, compassion, understanding, love and light float from her eyes, hands and beingness. She is to be cherished.

So, when Laurie was born I promised her soul and myself that I would live to be 85 when her life expectancy would be over.  Now, her life expectancy has increased 10 years to age 60. So I’ve got another 10 years to tack on to my original calculation.

I want to be there for her if and when she needs me, I want to enjoy her and I’d be delighted if she and I decide to “go out” of our lifetimes quite close to each other. Obviously you are aware reading this that I think I have a “fat chance” of deciding when I pass over.  Yes, I do.  That is part of recognizing self-mastery.

I’m a firm believer we choose with our Divine Beingness (a speck of the Universal Creator):

When we are born,

Where we are born,

Who we are born to,

What major lessons we need to learn,

What major gifts (always unconditional love is the main task) we will bring to the world and

When it is time to leave this lifetime.

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