September 21, Day 264: “A Single Day Lived Virtuously Is Worth More than a Hundred Years Lived Wantonly” Siddhartha Gautama

(Finally, I am caught up with my one a day blog postings from missed vacation days.)

More from: The Chapter 8 of the Dhammapada entitled “Thousands” attributed to Siddhartha Gautama verse 11 speaks to the importance of living virtuously:

“Even a single day of a life lived virtuously and meditatively,

Is worth more than a hundred years lived wantonly and

Without discipline.”

To me this raises the question:  What is the definition of living virtuously?  I think I understand what it means to live meditatively. To me that is spending most of my day in relaxed alpha waves and taking time to meditate and pray throughout the day. Thankfully, many days I strive and meet this desired goal of mine.

My definition of “wanton” living must surely be different from that of Siddhartha Buddha and I think from that of Jesus or Meher Baba. What about telling or laughing at a dirty joke, that second glass of wine (I would be falling over after 3 glasses of wine), certainly through the years I engaged in sex without the bonds of marriage, and my list goes on.

However, I find it encouraging knowing that all of my efforts the last 50 years of desiring and working toward living a virtuous life is recognized by the Hierarchy of Divinity. There are a thousand or more choices a day I am sure for dis-ease or health or for wantonness or virtuous living. I find it hopeful to believe that when we give up habits that slowly or rapidly destroy the body, mind and emotions we must gain credit or merit for living virtuously.

Wishing you healthy choices.

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