September 22, Day 265: “A single wise word bringing peace…”

A day late.

As many of my readers know I directed a non-profit group, an adult school of psycho-spiritual studies and many programs entitled PEACE THROUGH UNDERSTANDING from 1984 through 2000.  As a child I wanted to bring peace to my parents, my school and friends—and I was too shy to talk about that deep desire.  That desire feels like a great purpose in my life that has sustained me to live a long and vital life. As an adult then the school and programs were focused on bringing more peace into their lives and into the lives of all of the people they touched.

This stanza attributed to Siddhartha Gautama from The Dhammapada is worth many hours of contemplation at a deeper level.

Verse 1 from the chapter entitled Thousands:

“A single wise word bringing peace to the listener

Is worth more than a thousand speeches

Full of empty words.”

Oh, how many empty words I speak—possibly most of us chatter too much creating tensions.

It is well worth our taking journaling/reflection time before bedtime to question were there and if so, what were the empty words spoken of the day.

Hopefully there was “a single wise word bringing peace to” a listener.

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