September 24, Day 267: Stay Youthful by Doing These Simple Easy Circle Exercises to Enhance Your Life Force

I was taught and retaught a basic set of exercises in several trainings that I took in the 70’s, 80’s and the early 90’s. These exercises were a set of simple circles that helped the flow of energy in the body, released newly forming energy blockages, slowing worked at releasing older body armoring and created an amount of Chi that made the exercising group look radiant.

When I look for these exercises on the YouTube I do not find them as a full set. That seems unfortunate to me. I believe that these exercises have kept me healthy through decades. I have discovered that I can fling off the beginning symptoms of illnesses when I go through this exercise “routine”

As a set they were/are so important they were included in these curriculums:

The exercises were done first thing in the morning at Arica Training (A School of Scientific Mysticism). It was suggested they could/should be done for life.

They were done at the opening of every night when I first took Inner Light Consciousness.

They were done every morning in the 40 Days in the Wilderness training I took with the Fellowship of the Inner Light.

They were done every morning before breakfast in Polarity Training with the International School of Polarity Therapy in Norway.

And, of course, they were done each morning in the Peace through Understanding retreat programs.

Unfortunately, I do not do them every morning. As a social being I have enjoyed when I have had people joining me. Most of the people I approach in my building to join me believe that if you are not suffering or huffing and puffing you are not exercising and any easy physical effect is worthless. Ah, little do they know or in my arrogance–pitifully little do they want to know.

The series is a set of Qigong exercises.

They are easy. They are effective. They are life enhancing.

And I’ll introduce these circles (or rubs) one at a time over the next two weeks.

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