September 25, Day 268: Stay Youthful by Doing These Simple Easy Ankle Exercises to Enhance Vitality and Balance

Starting with the Qigong circles at the ankles. The entire set I’ll be sharing the next few days takes about 7 minutes without the head and neck exercise series. With the head and neck series, the entire set takes about 15 minutes out of your day. 15 minutes that bring vitality and vigor to your body, mind and day.

The Ankle Circles— do 10 circles on each ankle in each direction. 

Stand with feet a shoulder’s width apart.

Do 10 circles outward on each ankle and

Do 10 circles inward on each ankle.

These circles maintain the strength and flexibility of the ankle—thereby enhancing balance. They also “uncork” any old blockages that are being held in the ankle musculature slowly. They also release any new blockages that might be forming. They permit more Chi to rise up through the body.

What Is Chi Energy and How Do You Balance It? › life › health › what-is-chi-energy

Apr 8, 2019 – According to the Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami, Florida, it’s best to use qi in the context of restoring balance since that is the “physical or nourishing portion that makes up the air, water, and food we take in,” whereas chi refers to the “vital fluids and the energy itself that flows through our bodies.”

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