September 26, Day 269: Knee Circles for Clearing Blockages and Increasing Chi

Continuing with the Qigong circles at the knees. The entire set I’ll be sharing the next few days takes about 7 minutes without the head and neck exercise series. With the head and neck series, the entire set takes about 20 minutes out of your day. 15 minutes that bring vitality and vigor to your body, mind and spirit.

Joggers in Norway are also often skiers. At traffic lights in Oslo it is very common to see joggers doing the exercise from today and the exercise that will be given tomorrow as they wait for lights to change.  These are standard exercises for skiers.

These Knee Circles— are done while standing more than a shoulder’s width apart.

Bend forward and place your hands on each knee. Lightly cup each knee.

Then make circles with your knees outwardly (in as large a circle as you can do to maintain balance) 10 times and

Then reverse the circles with the knees coming inward (in as large a circle as you can do to maintain balance) 10 times.   

These circles maintain the strength and flexibility of the knee—thereby enhancing balance and leg strength. They also slowly “uncork” any old blockages that are being held in the knee musculature. These circles will release any new blockages that might be forming. Knee circles permit more Chi to rise up through the body.  As stated earlier in the year, Samurai warriors knew that the emotion fear becomes stuck in the knees. We get “weak in the knees” when frightened. So every night before battle, they massaged their knees to remain any old fear blockages in their knees.

As odd as it may seem, I believe that these circles will make you less fearful over time. And I believe that these exercises and all of the “circles” described during these few days enhance my vitality and ability to age gracefully.

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