September 30, Day 273: Do Waist Circles to Maintain Flexibility, Core Strength and Balance

The next exercise in the series of this Qigong Program which was also called Polarity Yoga in Norway in the early 90’s is familiar in exercise programs for most athletes. When I pass high school soccer, baseball and football training sessions, I often observe the teams doing these waist twists. It increases muscle strength in the middle of the body and the core. That’s great at every age. That’s great at every age thereby aiding Super-Aging.

These are waist circles—

Stand with feet a shoulder’s width apart with KNEES BENT for flexibility.

Allow the body to be stable from the hips down, facing forward.

Swing the upper part of the body from the waist from left to right, including the head and look over the shoulder.

Allow your swinging arms to wrap around the body as a result of the swings.

This gentle wrapping of the arms around the waist results in a gentle slapping on the body (happening around the kidney, bladder, spleen and the stomach area) and reportedly creates an internal massage of those organs.

Do 12-15 of these swings in both directions.

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