For October 1, Day 274: Warm the Small of Your Back and Relax

In the Circle Exercises in Polarity Yoga, Arica Training, Inner Light Consciousness Training and then incorporated to Peace Through Understanding there was included a rub for the small of the back. Here are the directions:

Stand in a relaxed soft knee stance

Place your hands in soft fists behind your waist 

Massage firmly yet gently up and down covering the small of the back area.

In Polarity Yoga we were told to precisely use 36 strokes—if we went one over, we were told to double the strokes to 72.  I don’t understand the magic in the precision—and many times I’ve gone on to 72 strokes. This exercise “warms the kidney” area and certainly enlivens this part of the body bringing greater vitality into the body. Thereby–aiding Super-Aging.

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