October 2, Day 275: Do Shoulder Rolls—They Might Help You Feel Younger and Happier


Here we go with more circles in the Qigong series.  These are shoulder rolls. When I was taught this exercise, the directions were for everyone to do 10 rolls in each direction. However, I soon discovered that my own shoulders were getting broader than I wanted.  When I toned the exercise down by doing 5 rolls in each direction my shoulders quickly returned to a desired shape. (I did not want to look like a female bodybuilder.) As a result of this experience, I now suggest that men do 10 shoulder rolls in each direction and that women do 5 shoulder rolls in each direction.  

Here are the directions:

Stand upright in a soft knee position with the feet a shoulder width apart.

Gently put your arms behind your back, with one hand clasping one of the fists—doesn’t matter which hand is clasping.

Then make circles with your shoulders SLOWLY following the suggested breathing:

Inhale slowly while moving the shoulders forward and upward.

Exhale slowly while moving the shoulder backward and downward. 

Do this 10 or 5 times as you choose.  Then reverse:

Inhale slowly while moving the shoulders backward and upward.

Exhale slowly while moving the shoulders forward and downward.

This exercise not only releases tensions in the shoulder and provides greater mobility. It also unclogs energies they may have gotten stuck in two wind channels in the body—that western medicine or religion does not discuss.

There are three major channels of energy that run up and down the body.  Eastern philosophies talk about even more subtle wind channels.  After studying this afternoon, I’m aware that my knowledge of these “nadis” leaves much to be desired.  I do know that when I do the shoulder rolls, I hear little pops and cracks and then immediately feel great surges of energy coming up through at the edges of my collarbone. I instantly feel younger, more vital and happier. Well, worth the small effort of my daily shoulder rolls.

Here is some information on energy/wind channels in the body.

The Three Fundamental Nadis – Ida, Pingala and Sushumna …

https://isha.sadhguru.org › wisdom › article › the-three-fundamental-nadis

May 6, 2013 – Sadhguru speaks about the three fundamental nadis or energy pathways in the system, the IdaPingala and Sushumna.

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