For Day 276: Do Arm Circles in a Stretched “V” above the Head to Oxygenate Your Brain

One of the benefits of this exercise is that it continues the process of all of the circles posted earlier. It “de-gunks” blockages in the armature of the body. Besides that it oxygenates the brain.  The brain runs on oxygen and breathing deeply creates clearer thinking. It is a great exercise to do before doing the budget, studying for an exam, taking an exam, approaching a confused neighbor, or preparing for a procreational or recreational chakra raising orgasm.

I’m late with writing and posting this. This exercise is nearly impossible to teach or to get people to do correctly.  I’ve wanted to avoid approaching it. Forgive me in my years of frustration I have found that most of my typical psycho-spiritual students–well educated middle-class adults–do it in a half-assed, half-committed way. i assume that is because breathing loudly breaks the middle-class societal belief that people shouldn’t hear you breathe. So for your health, break the rule!

Directions for Raised Arm Circles:

Raise your arms in a “V” and STRETCH them to the sky.  They should not be “limpy-wimpy.”

Imagine that your Divine Nature is above you pulling at your fingertips to stretch you upward. The entire body is grounded, yet stretched fully.

Exhale deeply, go on, REALLY deeply, so you can fill your lungs completely.

Make 5 inward movement circles (with the very up stretched “V”–no bent elbows!) inhaling briskly through the nose loudly with each circle. (If you have done this, you’ll notice your abdomen has expanded and the lungs have filled higher than normal.)

Make 5 reverse circles, exhaling loudly through the mouth.

Repeat the inward and outer sets 4 more times.

If you can’t be heard in the next room or the next yard, you are not breathing deeply enough to empty the lungs of stale air that can get stuck in the lower third of the lung.

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