October 5, Day 278: “The Camel” Neck Circles

This exercise is efficient to “de-gunk” the collected calcification in the armature (stiffening) of the neck from the hours spent with technology and looking at monitors. I always feel more energized after doing this exercise and almost hear some minor crinkling tissue paper sounds even with all the neck exercises that I do.

In any exercise involving the neck please be cautious, careful and kind to yourself. You will probably hear many crackles of sound. Do not force muscles where they are not yet prepared to move. Following are the directions for the two “Camel” neck exercises.

The Forward Camel Neck Circle:

Stand on tiptoe with your hands balanced on a steady surface.

Then imagine drawing a forward circle with your chin:  Go up-out-when inhaling normally.

 Then circle your chin from the down point back to center when exhaling. 

Do this 10 times.  

The Backward Camel Neck Circle:

Continue standing on tiptoe and balanced.

Your head should be in its normal upright standing position.

Then imagine that you are drawing a backward circle (retracting circle) with your chin.

As you are going up and backward inhale.

As you continue with the circle from the back to your normal chin position exhale.

Do this 10 times.

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