For Day 280: The Neck Circles for a Double-free Chin

I witnessed these neck circles during all of my childhood until going off to college. It was the one neck exercise that my mother did daily. It is the simplest and most common of the neck and head series of exercises. My mother often suggested that I do them for a lifetime.  Her neckline was flawless and she never developed a double chin or lines on her neck. So, I was doing this exercise regularly before joining all the psycho-spiritual trainings where the Qigong Circle Exercises were taught in the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s.

Here are the directions:

Stand erect, with your chin dropped down and

While inhaling, make a slow half circle to the left with the neck from front to back.

When your head is tilted backwards as a result of this half circle—start exhaling while going to the right to finish the circle.

End the circle at the dropped chin position.

Do 10 revolutions to the left.

Do 10 revolutions to the right.

Obviously, you will hear much crackling within the armature of the neck if you haven’t been doing neck exercises. With daily repetitions, the “gunk” in the tissues will have worked out and you will hear gentle crinkling sounds or none at all.

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