For Day 281: The Surveillance Camera. An Exercise for Learning to Soften the Gaze

This exercise exercises the neck muscles and it gives an opportunity to learn to soften the gaze. Doing this exercise while learning to look with unfocused eyes helped me learn to see auric fields/energy streams. That certainly made my life more interesting and I believe this skill created a greater knowledge of energies, people, gatherings and life in general.  Thereby, it aided Super-Aging.

Stand in perfect posture. You chin will always stay at the same level during this exercise.

While inhaling slowly, slowly turn the head to the left (remember to keep the chin at the same level) as far as you can comfortably move.

Keep the eyes unfocused as much as possible during the entire exercise series.

Exhale slowly to center.

Finish by inhaling slowly while turning your head slowly to the right as far as you comfortably can go.

Exhale slowly to center.

Do 10 “surveillance camera” sets.

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