October 10, Day 283: Music Inspires and Empowers Us Physically

Music has inspired me to move forward physically—I have danced daily almost always informally. Usually I dance from the living room to the kitchen and back. I dance while cooking. When I was “laid up” from hip replacements I danced with my arms, head, shoulders and toes until I could keep my balance.

Somewhere in my 30’s I really “got” that some rock and roll songs were blasting, blathering away at my heart beat and my emotions. Since, that time I’ve listened carefully. I turn off any music that I experience messing with my heart beat, personal healthy rhythm and emotional state.

In the 80’s there was much being written about the benefit of listening to Adagio movements, usually at 60 beats a second.  Adagio pieces of music automatically put us into alpha brain waves which bring on relaxation.  Plus mystics and psychics went on to say—alpha waves bring healing to our trillions of body cells. Music that heals certainly aids Super-Aging.

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