For Day 287: Possibly the Most Emotionally Empowering Song Ever

Here is another posting in the year-long-answer of how I appear younger and feel younger than my chronological years. I decided in my 30’s to fill my ears with positive lyrics and beautiful sounds. At that time, I was personally using affirmations and I was teaching others about the use of positive affirmations. When listening to the radio, I would find myself either giggling at the idiotic chosen pathos in some lyrics or being appalled that people could listen to such negative mantras.

To maintain healthful listening I play and listen to very little music written in minor keys. And I enjoy songs with positive lyrics.

For me the most positive song I love is one that I never tire of hearing.  It is possibly the most emotionally empowering song ever It was created 30 years ago and the basic lyric was the most used phrase from Meher Baba, an Indian spiritual master.

“DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY.”  The story goes that Bobby McFerrin saw these works on a poster and was inspired. His lyrics are so real and the whistling so wonderfully joyful.

Here is the YOUTUBE link:

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