For Day 289: Use Journaling and Learn to Stop Worrying

Journaling helps me realize when I am worrying. I am sure the worrying I indulge in is 98% less than it was when I was 35 years old. As I pause before bedtime to journal and to take stock of my thoughts and activities of the day, I realize when I worried and over what I have worried.

I’m using the presence tense today—which I did not intend to use in this post.  However, walking to the car this morning I realized I was worrying about when I stop working and when I seem to be hexing myself to believe that I will be living on about half the money I live on now. So, even though I have managed to stop the negative prayer of “worrying” most of the time—it occasionally pops up.

As stated in an earlier prayer: Worrying is a reverse prayer. My straight forward prayer is:

Thank you, Dear God and Holy Mother, for my perfect health and wealth. Thank you for my perfect spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional sustenance.  Thank you for a perfect life.  Amen.

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