For Day 291: Become Aware of Negative Mantras (Worrisome Yada Yadas)

It is wise to practice awareness of our self-talk. My advice is: first become aware of any negative mantras you may be repeating and secondly stop any negative mantras you may be repeating.  Worrisome repetitions can deflate your life, age you and bore others around you. In fact, if you are intrigued and brave enough—ask those around you if you have a worry statement you repeat often.

When I lived and taught in The Netherlands about 38 years ago I met a valiant kind, generous man and as I discovered later he had extraordinary healing hands. This gentleman encouraged me and prayed for my work for many years.  I am grateful for his generosity of spirit and love.  He certainly added to my success and contributed to my longevity.

He looked a like a conservative middle-aged Dutch gentleman who was very shy. In fact, with the way many of us are learning about the Asperger’s Scale.  He was probably a bit “Aspergery”. However, he had been terribly traumatized by bombings in The Hague, The Netherlands as a young boy and only after many “release” sessions did he let go of the shock he had from his home and neighborhood being hit by bombs in 1945. 

The bombing of the Bezuidenhout took place on 3 March 1945, when the Royal Air Force mistakenly bombed the Bezuidenhout neighbourhood in the Dutch city of The Hague. At the time, the neighbourhood was more densely populated than usual with … obscured their vision, the bombs were instead dropped on the Bezuidenhout … from Wikepedia

In fact I believe that his worrisome mantra from hundreds of years earlier (“Life is so difficult.” or “It’s so difficult”.) was probably repeated in several lifetimes and propelled him into a childhood where things were “so difficult”.

That really does happen! We create our future lifetimes with our mantras!

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