For Day 292: Learn to Release Negative Mantras (Worrisome Yada Yadas) This Lifetime so You Won’t Have to Live Them Out Next Lifetime.

The gentleman I wrote about yesterday with the negative mantra self-talk joined my class in emotional management.  Soon he asked for a private session knowing that I did psycho-spiritual work that sometimes led to past life memories or “soul retrieval”.  His intake interview and his conversations were peppered with the words, “Life is so difficult” or “It is so difficult.” He probably found a way to work that phrase into every conversation he was having, not once or twice, but more.

In the soul retrieval session we explored the phrase and took it back hundreds of years.  It was a negative mantra from hundred years ago.  We released the emotions, the beliefs, he chose new values and understandings, forgave himself and the time and circumstance and the others involved.  

He became a board member of Peace Through Understanding, provided many rides to airports for me as I “pendled” back and forth between The Netherlands and Norway and became a beloved friend. His negative mantra ended.  He seldom used that phrase later in life.  He released his worry and created an ideal life with a much younger exciting wife and a beautiful home.

I hope this post is helpful to help you find any lingering “worrisome mantra” and to release it.

If you should want help releasing worry and desire a session let me know by email:

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