For Day 293: Super-Aging Wisdom Advises: Be Careful about What Reaches Your Ears

Seers, sages, shamans, etc. suggest that we benefit ourselves when we are careful about what we take into our hearts and minds. The media in all of its forms is attempting to pound advertisements, propaganda and too often negative mantras into our minds and hearts. Super-Aging wisdom advises us to be careful about what we take in with our 5 senses.

I recently wrote about what we take in with our ears when I mentioned the sorrow in the lyrics of songs. Of course this also applies to conversations. There is much ranting and raving from my father about other nationalities that I have attempted to erase from my memory. I make it a practice to leave the presence of bullies unless it is a child bullying another child and then I’ll intervene if I know it is safe for everyone. I even stay away from loud wild crowds because it feels disastrous to my body and seems to shatter my energy field and well-being.

I find my life is more vibrant, yet relaxing, more fun and fulfilling when I am taking in beauty with my ears: melodious voices, the sounds of happy children in playgrounds, the sounds of nature, harmonic music, and caring, nourishing words, or if needed helpful stern words. These sounds make my life worth living and worth extending.

May your ears bring you beauty, harmony and well-being.

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