For Day 294: Super-Aging Wisdom Advises Be Careful about What Reaches Your Taste Buds and Stomach

As stated earlier: Seers, sages, shamans, etc. suggest that we benefit ourselves when we are careful about what we take into our hearts and minds. The media in all of its forms is attempting to pound advertisements, propaganda and too often negative mantras into our minds and hearts. Super-Aging wisdom advises us to be careful about what we take in with our 5 senses.

I have posted often about wise choices in foods, beverages, and supplements the last few months. I believe that we can end many worries in our life by choosing our foods, beverages and supplements/drugs wisely. I’m dedicated to choosing wisely 95% of the time. I’ll admit that too much sugar crosses my lips. I consume one to four teaspoons of sugar a day in a dessert or a small piece (usually) of dark chocolate. It’s been wonderful to know dark chocolate is a beneficial addition to our diets.

Usually I am amused at the advertisements on TV and in other outlets of the media from the drug companies. I’m always a bit stunned and stop in my tracks when I hear a too often last line that is delivered quickly: “This drug may cause death.” And then I think: Who in the world is dumb enough or desperate enough to take this drug?

To achieve super aging I believe that what crosses our lips in healthy food can bring health and vitality to our lives. I’m delighted with my relationship with my “house doctor”—general practitioner. He knows I’m not fond of the use of drugs and we discuss alternatives.

Hoping that path across your lips and tongue includes gloriously beautifully colored invigorating healthful foods.  

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