For Day 295: May You Create Such Freedom that Your Eyes Can Be Filled with Beauty

Earlier in the year I posted about the importance of using the 5 senses to operate wisely in the world and to communicate clearly.  In the last week I’ve become aware that I have been protecting my 5 senses daily from impressions that deplete me. These self-protective decisions/applications are so habitual that they are almost unconscious.  I seldom discuss these choices with friends. Although I’m aware most of my closest friends practice the same choices of not bombarding their sense organs with ugliness and disharmony. Wise choices about where we look and “stick our noses” can aid Super-Aging. The last two postings have dealt with the importance of  protecting what is taken in with the lips/tongue and ears. This posting is about taking care of what reaches our eyes through landscapes, media and the village where we live.

As mentioned in earlier postings seers, sages, shamans, etc. suggest that we benefit ourselves when we are careful about what we take in to our hearts and minds. The media in all of its forms is attempting to pound advertisements, propaganda and too often negative mantras into our minds and hearts. Super-Aging wisdom advises us to be careful about what we take in with our 5 senses.

I am always happiest when my eyes are able to perceive a “kind of living heaven” for me. I am happiest when living where I can see a body of water from my living room.  That has not always been possible as I moved about. Lush wooded areas and spans of grass also bring rest to my eyes and spirit.  I traveled giving workshops for 20 years, I always carried a beautiful scarf, small altar objects and a beautiful small silk embroidered box to personalize and beautify every room where I stayed.  Often I stayed in very plain monastery/convent cells at spiritual workshop venues. With those few small objects I could rest my eyes on beauty. I relished living in a neighborhood in Oslo, Norway next to one of the most beautiful parks in the world, Vigeland Park. Frogner, the neighborhood, had many elegant rug and antique shops and décor shops nearby.  Even the bakeries and the greengrocers were beautiful. Walking to the grocery store was an act of bringing beauty to my eyes and I felt nourished by that beauty. Art museums of course can bring us beauty. 

I believe that way too many choices of television programing and current movies offer ugliness and terror.  I can only hope as “literature” it helps some of the masses to work through deep psychological problems. Too often I think it creates and intensifies deep psychological trauma.

When viewing video coverage of places of war I am so grateful that at this time and place I have been protected from those hellish atrocities and that ugliness of shattered neighborhoods, countryside and the treachery of living in a war zone. And I protect myself by not watching too much of that television coverage that takes me to “that kind of living hell.” I do watch enough to stay informed of the world’s condition and to continually pray for peace. And I have often found it amazing that many areas with wars after WWI and WWII are in desert areas (and I do note that oil is often under those deserts).

I hope you join me in choosing to look on beauty. May you create such freedom that your eyes can be filled with beauty and harmony.

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