For Day 296: What a Large Sense Organ You Have/We Have

Our skin is our largest sense organ “with a total area of about 20 square feet. The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold.”  Link:

Currently most children before the age of 5 understand the importance of protecting their skin from damage. Kids are bundled into protective winter clothing, slathered with sun screen several times at the beach or playground and most of them have had a run-in with a dangerous source of heat like a candle or campfire.

I’m of the era where we thought it was a sign of beauty for light skinned people to have the most bronzed tan you could by spending long hours roasting in the sun. We had lotions to make us darker with not much intent on protecting us from the rays.  Of course, it is common knowledge now that EVERYBODY should go out with sun protection and to wear it daily.  No matter our skin coloring we are told to protect our skin from the dangerous rays.

As a mostly single woman driver in the U.S. I have twice as many wrinkles on the left side of my face as I have on the right side.  And I find it interesting that for the 14 years I lived in Europe and walked most places.  My face faced east and the sun on the way to work and faced west and the sun on the way home. Those wrinkles are the result of smiles and poor skin care.

Certainly I do the yearly check-up for skin cancer with a dermatologist.  Luckily the three biopsies that have been ordered for me have been negative. And I’m pleased that I have the where-with-all to get great medical treatment for my skin. 

Good and protective skin care makes Super-Aging easier.

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