For Day 297: Protect Your Sense of Subtle Touch. Protect Your Auric Field by Wearing Silk and Dark Blue

Sorry, I’m several days late with this post.

As a child I was always considered “sensitive”.  Living on a Northern Indiana farm I knew what animals were feeling and didn’t share that fact with anyone because I would have been labeled crazy.  Knowing what others felt was also obvious to me. As a result people considered me considerate and sensitive—a nice Indiana farm girl. As my music teacher who taught me for 11 years said at age 90+ in the nursing home when I visited (I was 50 years old), “Oh, you’re the nice Pippenger girl with the China blue eyes.” The word “nice” I had heard almost too often however, her “China blue eyes” comment has been a sweet memory.

It wasn’t’ until I started studying and teaching meditation seriously that the information of the clair senses became part of my knowledge and vocabulary. It was then I understood my clairsentience and realized that I was empathetic. Later several psychics separately called me an empath. So, no wonder I knew what other people were feeling very often before they were willing to admit or own their own feeling/s. I often suffered from feeling the sorrow or anger or fear of an uptight person whose auric field I entered.

My life became much more manageable after I made this realization. My comfort zones became more comfortable when I learned that wearing a layer of silk over the chest prevented some of the vibrations of others entering me.  I was informed that wearing navy blue also caused an extra layer of protection from other’s vibes. So, when I have to enter a crowd I wear a layer of silk underwear and wear a dark blue top over my chest and trunk.  (I surmise that religious orders that wear black are protected from wild and unruly vibrations also.)  I choose to wear “city black” often.

All of this has made my life much more bearable. Learning how to carry this subtle trait with protection has added to my Super-Aging.

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