For Day 298: Building the Auric Field

I was lucky enough to take a family therapy 30 day workshop with Virginia Satir when I was 28. We did yoga each morning. Those yoga asanas helped me begin the pathway to meditation and learning to build Shakti or Chi in the body. Exploring the different ways to build the energy field or auric field I have found fascinating and helpful for creating Super-Aging in myself.

I have discovered that there are many ways to build and to strengthen the Auric Field: yoga chanting, singing, honey dancing, Qigong, Tai Chi, other martial arts, walking, meditating. Since I get bored easily I find that using a variety of ways is helpful.

I spent a great deal of time describing what I call the Qigong circles in the FREEtobeYOUng posts 267 through post 280. They are extremely helpful for both clearing away blockages in energy channels in the body and then for building the energy field—the auric field. In 15-20 minutes the body is energized easily and thoroughly. Obviously I recommend this method of building an “inner strength.”

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