For Day 300: When You Can’t Smell the Roses or Taste Your Food

I AM NOT PRACTICING MEDICINE HERE.  I am just relating a “cure” that I have been thankful for and that has certainly made living to 79 years of age in two weeks a delight.

In my early 60’s I lost my sense of taste (except for my favorite berry, raspberries which tasted like burned cardboard).  My doctor had no answer for me and I didn’t go to an Ear and Nose Specialist. My sense of smell was diminished also. On one trip to my vitamin store, I asked the salesperson if they had ideas about how I could restore my sense of smell and taste. Her eyes lit up and she told me there was a bottled Zinc deficiency tester.  I bought it and followed the instructions and the result was that I was Zinc deficient. When I returned to the store, she advised that I take twice the daily recommended amount on the Zinc bottle until my sense of taste returned. Obviously the trace amounts in my multivitamin had not provided enough of the mineral.

Within a week there were results and within three months my sense of taste and full sense of smell were restored.  For many years I took a Zinc tablet supplement as recommended on the bottle. These days I’m not taking a Zinc tablet, I am eating one large or two small Brazil nuts a day and that seems to be enough Zinc in my diet.   Here is a link about Brazil nuts:

However, there is a warning:  Some Zinc products seem to be causing a loss of smell and taste. There are many Zinc products on the market in nasal sprays and lozenges for treating/preventing colds. Some people are losing their sense of smell by overusing Zinc nasal sprays and lozenges.  So Do Be Careful

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