For Day 301: Protecting the Sense of Smell for Super-Aging

We can damage our brains and cells with the sense of smell. Sniffing glue for example is disastrous for brain cells and the sense of smell.. I truly believe my father would have lived another decade if he had not filled his lungs with so many breaths of fumes from toxic materials in his creating of plastic mannequins and the use of latex materials.  He breathed toxic materials for at least 4 decades and still lived to be 89 years of age.

I’ve always been repelled by and shied away from toxic products and toxic smells. However, I did live within one mile of an oil refinery for 6 years in East Chicago, Indiana and would cough up black gunk when having bronchitis. Daily the window sills would have tiny beads of black oil on them. And at that time I lived within three miles of two active old fashioned polluting steel mills. Ah, “da Region” as it was called.  The Calumet Region is along Lake Michigan, just east of Chicago, including Gary, Hammond and East Chicago.

My health improved, my breathing improved, my sense of smell improved when I moved 20 miles away to a non-industrial suburb of Chicago. And I am sure that move and the decision to never live close to industrial toxins have added to my Super-Aging.

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