For Day 302: One of the First Signs of Aging–The Sense of Sight at Age 40

That first sign of not being young/young/young is when your arms are not long enough to hold reading material far enough away from your eyes. Almost everyone around age 40 begins to need “readers”.

It may be that first big realization that as Betty Davis said, “Old age ain’t no place for sissies…”

As a woman I have found readers a part of my costuming for life. I find that choosing the frames is a fun activity and coordinating colors with my wardrobe brings me joy and adds to the quality of my life. Costumey readers can be fun part of Super-Aging as a source of drama, artsy fartsy-ness, or providing an intellectual look when desired. 

Because eyes are associated with the solar plexus and fire chakra in Polarity Therapy, my reading glasses have frames or hanging chains that are almost always some form of red or orange.  This is also a coordinate for the Feng Shui top of the body “Fame” bagwa where red is the color.

I find it a delight these days to find boys and men stretching their limits of color with bright orange, red, or bright blue glasses. It is time that males began to have fun with color too. Fun with colors might add to their Super-Aging and who knows maybe their life expectancy will equal that of women in the future.

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