Day 305: Treating Retina Detachments—More on Maintaining and Guarding Your Eye Sight in Senior Years

I entered a restaurant several years ago and began to see bright beautiful flashes of colored lights and asked if others were seeing it.  They weren’t. My friend suggested I see an optometrist first thing in the morning.  The optometrist sent me immediately to an ophthalmologist who sent me immediately to see a retina specialist. I received laser treatment that day and was under observation for several months and recovered fully.

Immediacy in retina tears and detachments is the answer for maintaining eyesight! A friend told me he had a detachment in Vietnam and refused to see a doctor there.  He waited until he returned to Australia a week later. That was too late.  He lost a lot of vision in that eye because the retina was not put back in place immediately.  So, DO NOT WAIT!

Several years later I developed a black spot over one third of my eye in one day. A visit to the emergency room sent me to another retinology clinic and I had surgery the next morning. The clinic was concerned that there were no operating rooms available that day. This surgery requires that you keep your head down for 7 days for the recovery.  Thankfully a dear friend who is a masseuse was leaving town for 10 days and loaned me her massage table.  I lived on it, ate through the cradle, slept on it with my head face down in the cradle for 7 days. It was a perfect recovery thankfully.

I am checked yearly by the retina clinic. My yearly visit was just this last week and I was told that each year my retina is successfully in recovery, my changes of having another detachment is lessened.  Amen to that news.

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“If part of the retina detaches… It may produce a blind spot, blurred vision or shadowy lines. Some have described effect as a curtain closing over the eye. Other symptoms may include suddenly seeing many floaters (spots) or flashes of light. While floaters are a natural part of aging and are not always a sign of a detached their sudden onset, number and frequency indicate a need to check retinal detachment. In any case, if you suspect a problem, it is important that you see an eye doctor right away. Your doctor needs to act quickly to try to repair the damage and prevent permanent vision loss.”

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