For Day 308: Worry, Negative Prayer vs. Concern, Positive Caring

The postings from 287-292 dealt with “worry.”  Since that time, I realized that another topic was missing and that is changing worry into concern.

Somewhere along the route of my emotional and spiritual development, I did give up most of my worries.  Early on I got that worry was negative prayer and definitely not useful. I realized that worry or negative prayer was actually harmful and led to feelings of disappointment and depletion. Disappointment and depletion were not adding to the quality of my life and definitely they were not adding to joy and vitality. Then I realized that a healthier version of worry was concern.

When I express that I am concerned about an issue with someone else, I leave them knowing that I’m not responsible for whatever the issue is.  I also have experience that my part has been stated and they know that I care for them and their issue at hand.

When I express a concern for myself, then I am more moved to take action and to solve the dilemma or situation at hand.

Changing the focus from a worry to a concern has made my life much more comfortable and aided my Super-Aging.

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