I enjoy feeling radiant, light in spirit and energized by Chi. I work at that daily with doing my best to stay positive, by doing Chi building exercises (when I’m not too lazy) and by thinking “Lightly” as much as I am able. And these efforts have certainly aided my Super-Aging.

Here is more on the topic discussed yesterday–“we are what we think we are”:

In The Dhammapada from Chapter 2 on Mindfulness there are several quotations that have been inspiring me this last year.  And certainly similar messages have been encouraging me for 5 decades as I studied and taught Inner Light Consciousness.

“The radiance of the” (hu)“man who is committed, aware, unsullied, acting with consideration and restraint becomes more luminous.”

The chapter concludes with this quotation which I find useful and inspiring:

“A monk, or a lay person, rejoicing in mindfulness,

Seeing the danger of negligence,

Is protected on the way to his” (or her) “perfect state

And is close to nirvana.”

More on the perfect state in the next posting.

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