Many of the people that I have seen die early were folks who didn’t control their thinking masterfully. They often made bad choices: eating poorly, drinking too much, taking drugs, not exercising, never learning to control their emotions, choosing dullness, stopping learning—ah, the list goes on for finding ways to destroy the lust for life.

The following partial or full verses from Chapter 3, “MIND” of The Dhammapada I find inspiring and thought provoking.

From Verse 8 of  Chapter 3 “MIND” of The Dhammapada:

Build a mind as solid as a fortified city,…”

Mastering and directing our thought patterns certainly takes a great deal of discipline. If we are extremely lucky we will be surrounded by people with clear thinking and who have mastered (not dulled) their emotions. 

The following verse inspires and amuses me a bit since I am so AGAINST physical combativeness.

Verse 10: “A mind out of control will do more harm

Than two angry men engaged in combat.”

Simply put, we need to get our minds under control to stop causing harm.

Verse 11:  “A well-directed mind creates more well-being

Than the wholesome actions of parents

Toward their children.”

May we be wholesome examples to the children around us. May we be blessed with wholesome actions with those around us who help us continue to co-parents ourselves even up to and through longevity.

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