Today I pulled out of my cabinet a beautiful pot for large stews. It is oven safe and I’m cooking a Moroccan lamb shank stew in it which smells delicious as I am writing.

Thirteen years ago I “retired” from office work in a non-profit just 3 months before turning 68. I promptly ordered an expensive new set of pots and pans. I gave the large grill from the set that I knew I would never use to a neighbor. That neighbor, a 30 something teacher of nursing at a prestigious DC hospital, actually laughed scornfully at me. “You’re really getting new pots and pans for your retirement?”

Obviously she didn’t get my attitude of retirement or longevity/Super-Aging. She was thinking of my retirement as an ending.

Well, eleven years later, it has not been an ending.  It was a beginning. I’ve enjoyed my beautiful pots and pans and I even need to replace a skillet that is overused.

More than that, I’ve enjoyed my new beginning: a career as a full time piano teacher. That business is Piano On The Run.  And now I am adding an additional career in 2020 as a Quantum Touch Energy Healer and Teacher. The name of my new business is Energy On The Move.

Grandma Moses created a new career in her 80’s.  I plan on that, too. 

Please don’t think of “retirement” as an ending.  Think of it as a beginning. You can make it a time of freedom and choices you have dreamed of—or that you might manifest in the future.

Happy fulfillment!

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